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We Support the Global Climate Strike

The signs of the human-created climate catastrophe cannot be ignored. Record summer temperatures especially at the poles, more powerful storms, rising sea levels, decreasing ice packs on mountains and smaller glaciers at the poles to name a few. If we want to keep our planet livable for ourselves and other life on Earth, we have to cut back on CO2 emissions while building a just economy.

While the effects of global warming are increasing and the problem we face can seem overwhelming, now is not the time to throw up our hands and do nothing. Failing to change our path will result in a world warmer than we have seen in the last 50 million years and far worse than many fear. We can change our path to one that values people and other life on our planet.

Because of the challenges we face as a country and species, we support the Global Climate Strike that starts today and continues until the 27th. We urge you to join a climate strike event close to you such as:

You can find protests closer to you.

Thank you!

Don’t forget: Our party conference is this Saturday, the 21st! Register today!

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