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Flood the Seaport this Friday!

A recent UN report points to rising ocean temperatures, sea levels rising at a faster rate and threats to sea life. Since at least 2012, we started to see marine heatwaves that threaten wild life and foster harmful algae blooms. One of the first recorded was in the Gulf of Maine, which has had three such heatwaves since 2012.

Because of the challenges we face as a country and species, we urge you to join us at the Global Climate Strike Flood the Seaport event this Friday, 3:30pm. We will assemble at Dewey Square, Boston.

If we want to keep our planet livable for ourselves and other life on Earth, we have to cut back on CO2 emissions while building a just economy. Failing to change our path will result in a world warmer than we have seen in the last 50 million years and far worse than many fear.

With your help, we will change our path to one that values people and other life on our planet while keeping our planet livable for future generations. See you Friday!

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