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Defend the 4th Amendment, Jan. 21st

On January 21st, we will help Restore the 4th Massachusetts organize a lobby day for S.899 (An Act relative to forfeiture reform). We want you to join us and encourage others to support this important bill.

Civil asset forfeiture laws harm our 4th Amendment right to be free of unreasonable seizures of our property. It is most often directed at poor people and people of color. While it is justified as a measure to fight crime, it really helps pad police budgets in a manner that is unaccountable to elected oversight. With the 4th Amendment under constant assault, we need your help to defend it.

That Tuesday, we will meet on the front steps of the State House at 10am. After we assemble, we will talk with members of the Judiciary committee to urge them to vote S.899 out of committee. We will take a break for lunch, which Restore the 4th will provide.

Please sign up to join us and tell your friends on the Internet or on Facebook.

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