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Stop the Trump Speech Police

Trump signed an executive order telling the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to gut Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and setup the FCC as the speech police.

Section 230 requires speakers be held responsible for what they say, not the website or platform where they said it. As more and more speech is corralled into the tech giants walled gardens, it ensures that we have the freedom to express ourselves on-line.

The FCC has to have a public comment period on this executive order. The last day to submit comments is Thursday, September 17th. Thankfully, our friends at Fight for the Future setup an easy way for you to submit your comment, but you can also go to Docket RM-11862 and click on the + New Filing link on the left side to submit your comment.

Trump’s executive order is poorly written and unlikely to survive court challenge. With the 2020 election so close, having the FCC vote against it soon would be a better way to stop it than waiting for a long, drawn out court challenge. Submit your comment today!

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