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Pirate News: Tell Gov. Baker: SIGN THE POLICE REFORM BILL!

After months of deadlock, the Massachusetts House and Senate have finally passed the long-awaited police reform bill. Pirates Joe and James talk about why we support it and why you should contact Governor Baker and tell him to sign S.2963. Calls are always best and you can reach him his office at (888) 870-7770.

Though it fails to abolish qualified immunity, it:

  • bans chokeholds and restricts chemical weapons;
  • imposes a statewide ban on facial recognition for all agencies except the RMV;
  • forbids schools from disclosing certain student record information to law enforcement without student/parent consent or a court order;
  • allows prosecutors to charge police who have sex with or indecently assault a person in custody;
  • ends the requirement that police be stationed in schools;
  • and restricts no-knock warrants.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a great place to start.

The last obstacle to this becoming law is Governor Baker. The police unions have already mobilized their membership to pressure him to veto it, we need to tell him the people say YES! 

Please take some time this week to contact the governor telling him how important these protections are and that he should sign S.2963:

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