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Tuesday: MassMesh Tech Meetup

The weekly Mass. Mesh weekly tech meetup is tomorrow, Tuesday the 26th, 7-9pm. It is on-line at, as you would expect.

Mass. Mesh is a commons-oriented technology project building wireless community-owned networks to empower our neighbors and embody values of equity, privacy, net neutrality, and local autonomy.

They use these weekly meetings to hammer out new features and address bugs in our software. If you’re interested in hacking on distributed routing protocols, digging into the router OS, automating a very unique build pipeline, or really anything else of that nature, this is the meetup for you. If you’re just hoping to get an overview of our project before deciding to dive in, their monthly “What is Mesh?” meetup will probably be more appropriate.

They are actively working to convene non-technical working groups for community-owned Internet. Please reach out if you are interested in volunteering in a non-technical way.

You can find them at including instructions for how to setup a mesh router. They have multiple off-the-shelf types you can purchase and setup at their wiki.

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