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Upcoming May events

We have two upcoming events in May.

Play-jurisms conference, 5/21

On Saturday, May 21st (Update: it will be at 4:30pm), we will be giving a talk at the Play-jurisms conference. The talk is entitled “Culture should be shared not monopolized” and the brief is:

“In the United States, copyright was originally intended as a means to promote the creation of works of literature by giving the creator a monopoly over their works for between fourteen and twenty eight years.  After a work’s copyright expired, it was released into the public domain for all to use. Over time, the duration of copyright has grown to the life of the author plus seventy years and it has gotten more restrictive with the advent of Digital Rights Managment (DRM) locks on media and the increasing criminalization of copyright infringement. We will explore the evolution of copyright, alternatives to it, what is needed to ensure that copyright remains a tool for the promotion of culture and not its subjugation by the few.”

The Play-jurisms conference will be at The Democracy Center, 45 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge, MA.  More here and you can sign up for the Facebook event

Monthly meeting, 5/29

On Sunday, May 29th, we will be holding our monthly meeting / social.  The meeting starts at 2pm.  We will start the grill around 4pm and go until 6pm.  It will be at 25 Moore St., Somerville, MA.  You can also sign up for our Facebook event.

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