Quartermaster Joseph is organizing a Pirate Picnic in the Lowell-area on August 24th starting at 1pm.  It will be at 35 Whitney Ave., Lowell, MA 01850. Email us at info@masspirates.org if you want to help or can bring food.


We are planing our party conference for late September or October. We want your feedback on how we should structure the next conference, when and where it should be, etc.  Please fill out our survey. We will be closing it soon. Thanks!


The for-profit prison industry lies at the heart of all the problems plaguing our society. With a financial incentive to criminalize their populace, a government enacts harsher laws, instructs police to gather up "undesirables," and makes felons of the working class. As long as the rich can profit from your arrest, there will be no social progress, no increase in freedom, no reprieve from police brutality until we put an end to this. If you can, it is vitally important that you come to Boston o...
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It is time to plan our party conference for late September or October. We want your feedback on how we should structure the next conference, when and where it should be, etc.  Please fill out our survey. Thanks!


Thanks to everyone who came out to lobby for RCV yesterday, to Voter Choice Massachusetts for organizing it and to Common Cause Massachusetts, MassVote, League of Women Voters Massachusetts and other groups for turning supporters out. It was awe inspiring to see so many Ranked Choice Voting supporters advocating for greater democracy in the State House. If you did not get a chance to lobby yesterday, please take a moment to look up your state representative and state senator and give them ...
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A bill we support and helped H. 2119, is up for a hearing on Beacon Hill at 9am Thursday, July 11th, before the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. This bill would require approval by municipal elected officials before local law enforcement acquires "aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles, armored vehicles, bayonets, bombs, directed-energy weapons, grenade launchers, international mobile subscriber identity catchers", also known as stingrays, "launch vehicles, mines, m...
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The next Mass. Mesh Net weekly tech meetup is this Tuesday, 7-9pm. It will be at Industry Lab, 288 Norfolk St, Cambridge. Enter via the entrance in the back. Call 617-642-7513 to be let in since Industry Lab locks the door at night. You can find them at https://massmesh.org/ including instructions for how to setup a mesh router. They have four different off the shelf types you can purchase and setup at their wiki.


This Wednesday, June 26, the Somerville Crytoparty will talk about how to setup and use a 2FA token device, such as Yubikey. It will be at The Sprouts, 339R Summer Street, Somerville and starts at 6pm. It generally ends between 8 and 9pm. The Sprouts is in the garage in the back at the end of the driveway and is a short walk from the Davis and Porter Sq. MBTA Red Line stops. If you want to help with future cryptoparties or just ask questions about how you can protect your privacy, join t...
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The US House of Representatives voted against prohibiting the unconstitutional and warrantless surveillance of Americans as authorized by Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act in an amendment to a government spending bill. The vote was 175 to 253. Other amendments to limit the use of facial recognition technology by the federal government also failed. For the Massachusetts delegation, Representatives Clark, Kennedy, Lynch, McGovern, Neal and Pressley voted for our right to privacy. Keatin...
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Due to factors outside of our control, we have postponed the Holyoke Pirate Meetup we scheduled for June 22nd at the Holyoke Public Library, 250 Chestnut Street. We do not yet have the new date, but will post it as soon as we have found another date. While we have a Facebook event we moved to a temporary date. We will discuss our plans for 2019, work on our platform for the 2020 elections and teach people how to run for office and protect their privacy. We have the space from 11am to 4pm, s...
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Sign the Moratorium on Boston Sex Worker Arrests Petition

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