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Vote Early! Not Often

The 2018 state and federal elections are coming up on November 6th. While there are few choices on the ballot for candidates since roughly 40% of the Massachusetts Legislature has an opponent in the general election and even fewer US House districts, we urge you to vote Yes on ballot measures 1 and ... Read more

Not registered to vote? Do it today!

Today is the last day to register to vote in Massachusetts for the November 6th election.  You have until 11:59pm tonight to register to vote at  If you will be 18 by November 6th, then you can pre-register as well. When you register, you can specify Pirate as your ... Read more

The Massachusetts Pirate Party Votes Yes on 3

THE MASSACHUSETTS PIRATE PARTY SUPPORTS ANTIDISCRIMINATION PROTECTIONS FOR TRANS, INTERSEX, AND NONBINARY INDIVIDUALS. We stand in solidarity with the Freedom for All Massachusetts campaign, and urge our members and supporters to vote Yes on 3 in November’s election We recognize that gender ex... Read more

The Massachusetts Pirate Party Votes Yes on 1

THE MASSACHUSETTS PIRATE PARTY SUPPORTS SAFE PATIENT LIMITS We stand in solidarity with the Committee to Ensure Safe Patient Care, and urge our members and supporters to stand with them in November’s election. Patient limits keep hospitals safe, both for patients and for the hardworking profes... Read more

Tomorrow: Candidate Workshop, Somerville

2018 is here and with that comes town, state, and federal elections. Massachusetts elections are often uncontested. About 60% of state legislators do not have a single opponent. You can change that and it doesn't take a fortune to run, you don't need an army of volunteers, and the work you do can... Read more

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No Free Lunch for Amazon!

No Free Lunch for Amazon!

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