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Massachusetts Pirate Party In Search of Interns

The Massachusetts Pirate Party is looking for interns to assist with the development and growth of the party, running candidates, marketing and press, and creating educational content.

If you are an internet activist or just want to learn more about politics please consider this internship.

We are looking for students whose studies are focused on PR, Web Development, Content Creation, Business Development, Political Science, Film, Photography, and design.

Duties will be varied depending on projects available and skill set of applicant.

We are currently looking to recruit interns to assist with our annual conference that is coming up and to help us develop material for student groups.

We promise a challenging and rewarding experience. Interns will be expected to work independently or in groups and to attend any Pirate events or meetings (approx. 2 per month.)

This is an unpaid internship.

Please contact with your resume and cover letter.

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