CISPA is back. Fight it!

The US Congress is considering the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) again.  This version of the bill is H.R. 624.

As we said in April 2012, we view this bill as a violation of our fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of speech.  We urge you to oppose it.

The EFF and Fight for the Future have a web page to contact your Congress person and Senators.  You can also use the contact information we have. Be sure to ask them publicly to oppose CISPA on their Facebook pages and on Twitter.

1.  Contact your Senators

Elizabeth Warren
(202) 224-4543

Mo Cowan
(202) 224-2742

1.  Contact the US Senate Candidates who are Congressmen

Stephen Lynch

Ed Markey

3.  Contact your Congressperson

To find out who represents you in Congress, please visit Where Do I Vote MA and enter your address.

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