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How changing the conductor doesn’t move the train tracks. In my “Why the Pirates” post, I’m dropping some ancient wisdom. In the Tibetan Buddhist script, A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life, Acharya Shantideva writes; Through being, attached to living beings I am completely obscured from the perfect reality, My disillusion (with, cyclic existence) perishes And in the end I am tortured by sorrow. Shantideva goes on to essentially say that we are filthy bags of meat that shouldn’t obses...
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The Mass Pirate Party (MPP) announces its inaugural Campus Coordinator Program. The MPP Campus Coordinator Program is a year-long program that offers leadership positions to high-quality, high-potential students  providing them with the resources, incentives, and inspiration to organize other pro-open government students and student groups in their areas. Campus Coordinators (CCs) will serve as a new leadership tier in the Mass Pirates, providing local support for student groups throughout Ma...
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Tuesday's verdict for Bradley Manning was yet more proof that the US government is more interested in protecting those with power who commit crimes than those who reveal such crimes. Bradley Manning joins John Kiriakou, Brad Birkenfeld and others who have gone to jail for being whistleblowers. The revelations by Edward Snowden, himself the target of the Obama's war on whistleblowers, demonstrates that the US government is willing to trample on our 4th Amendment rights by creating a surveillan...
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