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TPP IP Chapter Leaked: Internet Beware!

TPP: Why so secret?

Yesterday, Wikileaks released the entire text of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Rights Chapter.  It has everything we feared:

  • Criminalization of copyright infringement;
  • Stronger DRM and “technological protection measure” regimes;
  • ISPs to be made liable for copyright infringement on their networks;
  • A “take it down first, argue later” DMCA-like process for notifying copyright infringements;
  • Patentable plants and animals.
  • Banning you from selling a product you bought abroad if the copyright holder objects.

Combined with granting rights to corporations to challenge our laws if they at all hinder their profits, it is a dream for corporations and our worst nightmare.

Of course it is being negotiated in secret with input from governments and mega corporations.

The EFF has the info on the IP Chapter of TPP, as does Public Citizen.

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