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Tell Neal & Capuano to Oppose Fast Tracking TPP

TPP: Why so secret?

Congress is waking up to the problems of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty.  Already 22 House Republicans and 151 House Democrats have stated that they oppose allowing the Obama administration to fast track the TPP and other harmful trade treaties.  Granting fast track authority to the US Trade Representative (USTR) would force the Congress to vote for the TPP in a single up or down vote.  Doing so would ensure that treaties like the TPP are passed.

The Congress has the constitutional authority to manage our trade policy and shouldn’t cede that authority to the President.

Six of the Eight Representatives for Massachusetts have sided with 145 House Democrats opposing fast track authority.  Two Mass. House Democrats, Neal and Capuano, have not yet signed up.  We need their support!

Please contact Neal and Capuano TODAY and urge them to sign the DeLauro, Miller letter opposing fast track authority:

Additionally, please contact all of the Representatives who signed on to the DeLauro, Miller letter and tell them thanks:

Also, don’t forget the other ways you can help stop the TPP:



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