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cjd on Project Meshnet ( Monday 11AM Hall E #youbroketheinternet @ #30c3 )

Blackhole background from #30c3

cjd on Project Meshnet ( Monday 11AM Hall E #youbroketheinternet @ #30c3 )

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#30c3 is the 30th annual Chaos Communication Congress, a gathering of technologists, big thinkers and popes. The Congress offers lectures and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics including information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society.

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In light of recent revelations, the 30c3 has organized a summit called #youbroketheinternet. #youbroketheinternet is calling for new protocols, new approaches and fresh ideas to build a (g)New Internet.

Massachusetts native Caleb James DeLisle (cjd) recently spoke about his mesh networking protocol cjdns at South End Tech Center, Tent City Boston. The #CryptoParty event organized by Massachusetts’s Pirate Party covered a variety of concerns regarding surveillance, privacy and cryptography. The routing technology used by Project Meshnet is cjdns.

On Monday at the #youbroketheinternet summit at 11AM in Hall E, Caleb will be describing the technological aspects of cjdns and the motivations behind the technology as well as demoing cjdns as well as hosting a peering party for those interested in joining Hyperboria and learning about how to use cjdns.

You Broke the Internet

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