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In this recent video, Dr. Patrick Breyer, Member of the European Parliament of the Pirate Party Germany, talks about where we are a year after the EU adopted copyright upload filters: From the video description: Exactly one year ago the EU Parliament approved the copyright reform including upload filters, that are required by "Article 13", now Article 17. This means that the biggest protests ever for a free Internet have been simply ignored by many MEPs. Since then, a lot of things, r...
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First, the good news: Chelsea Manning is out of jail and, due to many supporters, her fines are paid off.  The outpouring of support to help her get on her feet is wonderful.The judge in the Katy Perry song copyright infringement case threw out the jury decision because "the similarities between the song were simply basic and fundamental building blocks of music."JSTOR just opened a mass of their articles and books to the public Next, the bad news: COVID-19, aka Coronavirus, ...
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The Digital Right to Repair bills (S.107 & H.218) made it out of committee and will go before the Massachusetts Senate next. Now is the time to call your state senators and representatives to urge them to support it. We know that Apple, John Deere and other hardware manufacturers will pull out the stops to make sure they prevent us from having a digital right to repair. They stand to lose billions of dollars if you can get your phone repaired at an independent shop, rather than pay the...
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Polls for the Massachusetts presidential primary close at 8 p.m. today. Anyone registered under the Pirate designation can vote in any one of the four primaries: Democratic, Green-Rainbow, Libertarian and Republican. Find your poling place. Candidate Positions of Interest to Pirates We looked at many of the presidential candidates to see where they stood on issues of interest to Pirates. We struck all of the candidates who have dropped out since we posted this earlier. Democratic U...
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The Massachusetts presidential primary is Tuesday, March 3rd. Anyone registered under the Pirate designation can vote in any one of the four primaries: Democratic, Green-Rainbow, Libertarian and Republican. Early voting ends this Friday, February 28th. Find where to vote in your town. Absentee ballot applications must be received by your local election office by 12 p.m. on the day before the election (Monday). You can also confirm your registration status and find your poling place fo...
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As we mentioned in yesterday's Pirate News post, we will have a Pirate meetup in Lowell on March 21st, 10am-2pm. It will be at the Lowell Public Library, 401 Merrimack St. We will update our platform, plan our work in the year ahead, and likely teach how to protect your privacy. Hope you can make it!


In the latest Pirate News we talk about current events including the latest election results and a net neutrality update. Net NeutralityFCC PR spin: & Filing a public comment. Quoting proceedings 17-108 for net neutrality aka restoring internet freedom: Tech meeting will be Sunday, March 8th, 2-4pm. It will b...
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Secretary Steve, Quartermaster Joe and Captain James talk about the trials and tribulations of Facebook and especially their users, including these articles: Zuckerberg tries to placate EU regulators by saying Facebook is willing to pay more in taxes Bloomberg's meme spree prompts changes in Facebook, Instagram rulesSignal Is Finally Bringing Its Secure Messaging to the Masses Please share topics you want us to explore in upcoming Pirate News episodes in the comments. Thanks!


Thanks to everyone who filled out MuckRock's FOIA request system to find out whether police are using facial recognition technology and how. Eleven requests are up for Massachusetts, but that still leaves 340 cities and towns we can file FOIA requests in. The process to send a request to your municipality or any other you are interested in is easy: Go to their project pageFill out the form at the bottom of the pageComplete any steps they have to create an account That's it. It will ...
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Captain James, Quartermaster Joe and Secretary Steve start with a discussion of Ranked Choice Voting (aka Instant Runoff Voting), how it works, why Pirates support it and the upcoming ballot initiative to make it law in Massachusetts. We finish with a discussion of housing in Massachusetts, why it is so expensive and some of the policies that can help. Don't forget to register to vote, if you haven't already. Voters who are registered to vote by the end of this Wednesday, February 12th ...
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