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Whistleblowers need our support!

Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner and Julian Assange are being held for their efforts to reveal information the United States government wanted to keep secret. Manning and Winner are already in US custody and the Trump administration is trying to extradite Assange to the US for trial. Winner wa... Read more

Boston Sex Worker Arrest Boston Moratorium Reaches 150 signatures

Photo by Steve Rhodes of International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers 2010, via Flickr and the Creative Commons.) Sex workers cannot turn to police if threatened or attacked. We created a petition to tell Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross to implement a moratorium on arrests o... Read more

We support Mass. bills limiting biometric tracking tech

At our March 13th, 2019 IRC meeting, we endorsed two bills meant to limit face surveillance and other "at a distance" biometric tracking technology: SD.671, sponsored by Senator CreemH.1538, sponsored by Rep. Rogers Both bills contain a ban on biometric surveillance technology without passing... Read more

Affirming Individual Autonomy

At our January 23rd, 2019 IRC meeting we agreed to add a section on Affirming Individual Autonomy to Our Issues blog page. It reads: Democracy can only be sustained when individuals are able to exercise autonomy over their own lives and bodies to assure their well-being and happiness, while resp... Read more

Worcester and Somerville Meetup Dates Scheduled

The Worcester Pirate Meetup will be Sunday, April 28th, 4:30-7:30pm. It will be at the Worcshop, rear entrance, 1168, 233 Stafford St, Worcester. The Somerville Pirate Meetup will be Saturday, May 18th, 10:30am-1:45pm. It will be at the Somerville Public Library, 79 Highland Ave. At both even... Read more

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Worcester Pirate Meetup, 4/28

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Sign the Moratorium on Boston Sex Worker Arrests Petition

Sign the Moratorium on Boston Sex Worker Arrests Petition

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