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Pirate Podcases — Episode 16: Electoral Action

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In this podcast, Aaron James, Adam Friedman, and Joseph Onoroski talk about electoral action. Aaron James was the Pirate Party candidate for 27th Middlesex State Representative in 2016. Adam Friedman the Executive Director of Voter Choice Massachusetts, a movement of volunteers dedicated to ed... Read more

Pirate Podcasts — Episode 15: Mass Meshnet Progress

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William Fleurant reports on some of the recent work done by the Massachusetts Meshnet group. Will describes how the group provided wireless internet access to Boston's 2018 Freedom Rally, using inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware and free software. This talk was recorded during the Massachusetts P... Read more

Pirate Podcasts — Episode 14: Lightning talks from Piratecon 2018

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These are two lightning talks from the 2018 Massachusetts Pirate Party conference. (0:00) Joesph Oronoski talks about ways to serve your community, such as volunteering for civic organizations, serving on a committee, or running for office. (7:53) Steve Revilak talks about his work with the S... Read more

Pirate Podcasts – Episode 13: Sex Worker Rights

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Longtime activist and educator Desmond Ravenstone presents a talk about sex worker rights. He covers the history of bordellos and how they were integral parts of the community in 19th century America, the different legal models in which sex work currently takes place, the social costs of criminaliz... Read more

NSA, FOIA, and a long-running quest for Telephony Metadata

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Gathering information through FOIA or public records requests can be a long-term endeavor. I made a privacy act request to the NSA back in October 2013, shortly after the Guardian revealed that the NSA had been collecting telephony metadata from Verizon customers. I happened to be a Verizon cust... Read more

Pirate Podcasts – Episode 12: Qualifying the Integrity of Media Sources

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This panel was recorded during the Pirate Party conference on April 29, 2017. It features two speakers: Kendra Moyer and Wendy Joy Welsh. Kendra joins us via video link from Detroit, MI, to present the American Library Association's CRAAP method for evaluating sources. CRAAP stands for Currency ... Read more

FOIA Files: the NSA’s intranet home page

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Back in 2014, I wrote a blog post about my FOIA request for the CIA's intranet home page Intranet home pages are a prominent part of large organizations; people who work there are likely look at the intranet a couple of times a week -- even if only to see what the cafeteria is serving for lunch. I f... Read more

Pirate Podcasts – Episode 11: The importance of causing a stir

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Terra Friedrichs is a former selectman from Acton, Massachusetts. She talks about her experience on the board, using a town's permitting authority as a negotiating tool, municipal rights, the importance of doing your homework, and not being afraid to put corporations on the spot. Terra also talks a... Read more

Pirate Podcasts – Episode 10: Your Community Needs You (to run for office)

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James O'Keefe is the Captain of the Massachusetts Pirate Party, and a former Green Party candidate for Massachusetts Treasurer. In this podcast, James talks about organizing campaign for local and state offices, with an emphasis on running local. Topics include building a network of supporters, de... Read more

Pirate Podcasts – Episode 9: How to run for town meeting

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Town Meetings are a common form of town legislature in New England, and they're also a working example of direct democracy. In this podcast, Steve Revilak talks about the ins and outs of Massachusetts town meetings. The first half covers town meeting as an institution, and the logistics of getting... Read more

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