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Democracy Calling. Will You Answer?

In 2012, 61% of all Mass. State Rep. candidates had no opponent. Let me repeat that.  3/5ths of all State Rep. districts had only one person running!

Democracy is only as healthy as the choices voters have.  Based on our past options, it is ailing and only the Pirates can fix it.

We need Pirates to get on the ballot and bring democracy back.  Can we count on you?

Feels daunting, right?  State Representative candidates only need to get the signature of at least 150 valid voters by April 29th.

April 29th is 68 days away.  5 signatures a day for 60 days is 300 signatures.  Easy right?

Joe Guertin will run.  We likely have another in my home of Somerville.  Four others are considering running.  Will you join them?

We don’t expect you to have lots of campaign experience.  We will be happy to teach you how to get on the ballot and run a successful campaign.

We aren’t asking you to dedicate your life to winning.  We simply ask that you get on the ballot to give voters a choice besides the incumbent.

Restoring democracy to Massachusetts will take many years.  Getting candidates on the ballot is the first step we need to take to bring democracy back.

Democracy needs your help!  Will you answer?

Captain James

PS: Sunday, the 23rd, is our February Issue meeting and Phone Bank/Pizza Party. We will call our mailing list to tell them about all the events we have lined up in March and ask for their help.  We will also work on our platform and socialize.

It will be at 111 Sunnyside Ave, Arlington MA and runs from 2pm to 4pm.  You can sign up at the Facebook event or just show up.  Hope you can make it.

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