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Pirates: Discovering the Planet

Dear Pirates of US;

I am a self-funded independent scientist and working as an Asst.Prof (holding a PhD in Informatics under Journalism) near Syrian Border of Turkey, also head of the departments of Journalism and Communication Informatics.

I have two projects named as Pirates: Discovering The Planet and Flying Editor and supported by pirates whole over the world.

This project was selected by for supporting at PPI Open Space Conference and General Assembly April 2014 and also there is a news on Pirate Times.

For now 11 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey) and Pirate Parties International are the supporters of the project by networking and spreading it to find contributors.

A brief description of the projects: It’s a scientific book project about realizing, explaining the 21st century that we lived in internet age, you can find the details in the websites and

How it works? This book will be created with chapters by authors from anywhere in the world and this chapters/articles will be examined by referees and here my second project Flying Editor’s travels start for the final editorial revisions and approvals for all chapters and I will travel to visit the author and make final approvals and do some interviews. The interviews with authors will be published in . By that editorial round the world travel, there will be some interviews with the representative(s), MP(s) of pirate party that visited countries and add them as a chapter into scientific book project.

Thanks for your interest. Best Regards.

Assistant Professor and Head
Departments of Communication Informatics and Journalism
Faculty of Communications
Gaziantep University
Gaziantep, Turkey

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