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Stop CISA!

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 307-116 to pass the Protecting Cyber Networks Act.  This bill is CISPA all over again, except that President Obama won’t veto it.  Four of nine Massachusetts Reps. voted for it: Neal, Kennedy, Moulton & Keating.

The Senate equivalent, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), has already passed committee. It is important that we stop it in the Senate.

Like the CISPA bill of years past, CISA would allow companies to disclose data to the government without warrant. Data that would be automatically shared with the NSA. Data shared without stripping out information that would identify a specific person.

Tomorrow we will present our petition to Senators Warren & Markey urging them to oppose CISA.  Please sign it and urge others to sign it as well!

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