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#PirateCon2015: Thanks and welcome new Pirate Council members!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Pirate Con 2015 last Saturday!  It was great of Evan Greer of Fight for the Future to kick it off and Rick Falkvinge to end it on a high note.

We had a great time and learned so much from our speakers.  We are processing the video we took and would love your help turning it into files we can upload to YouTube and torrent.  We will start posting slide decks soon.  You can find pictures of the conference here and here.

We held elections for the Pirate Council and other positions.  Those elected were:

  • Captain – James O’Keefe
  • First Officer – Noelani Kamelamela
  • Quartermaster – Steve Revilak
  • PR/Media Director – Halley Murray
  • Activism Director – Joseph Moore
  • Swarmwise Director – Jamie Slate
  • Web/Info Director – Benjamin Cook
  • Arbitrators: Kendra Moyer, Olivia Pineyro and Eli Haber
  • US Pirate Party Representative – Lucia Fiero

A huge thanks for the folks who stepped forward, especially our new leaders: Halley, Joseph, Jamie, Benjamin, Olivia and Eli.  We will post everyone’s contact information soon.

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