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Tell your Senator to #Sunset215 Today!

After the Senate rejected two Patriot Act Section 215 renewals, it will return today at 4pm to consider how to renew these provisions. Six months ago very few thought that Section 215 could expire tonight, but through your effort we are very close to ending it.

Now is the time to remind Senators Warren and Markey to let these portions of the Patriot Act expire.  Call them before 4pm at:

Senators Warren and Markey both voted against a straight renewal.  However, they voted for the House approved USA Freedom Act, which would:

  • expand what meta data may be collected from phone calls to other communications technologies;
  • ensure that all data is shared with the NSA, CIA and FBI.  Based on what we know already, the data wouldn’t stop there.  While the CIA and NSA would need to report the number of back door searches they carry out, the FBI would be exempt. Expect the FBI to be the conduit to other agencies such as the DEA and ATF;
  • allow the government to launder data from its mass surveillance program for use in criminal cases;
  • extends the maximum sentence for someone convicted of material support for terrorism from 15 to 20 years.  Due to past court rulings, speech qualifies as material support.

With your help part of the Patriot Act will end today!

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