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Support H.3242: Label GMOs

On Tuesday, in addition to testifying against subsidizing video game companies, I also gave the following testimony to the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture at the State House. The hearing was very well attended with at least one hundred people testifying, only three of which were against labeling GMOs. Thanks to Lucia Fiero for the text that I copied from and to Massachusetts Right to Know for organizing a great rally and turnout.

Thank you Chairs and Committee members for allowing me to speak today. I am James O’Keefe, Captain of the Massachusetts Pirate Party.

Just as citizens benefit when government is transparent, so too people benefit when they know what is in their foods and can make informed choices about what they eat.

Safe or not to eat is beside the point. It is a Massachusetts tradition to resist empire, to resist unfair taxes, mark ups, and unfair labor practices by employers. The tea thrown into Boston Harbor during the Tea Party was perfectly safe to drink yet into the harbor it went. ON PRINCIPLE.

On principle we have a right to make a choice to buy locally made soda or Coca Cola, to shop at local farm stands, Massachusetts-based supermarkets or Walmart, to support local farmers or corporate compliant farmers. This is reason enough for us to need label on GMOs: To make informed choices.

We urge you to support H.3242.

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