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CISA passes Senate cloture vote, calls still needed

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Earlier today, the Senate’s cloture vote on CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, passed 83 to 14.  It now advances to an up or down vote soon and reconciliation with the House version.  Thankfully, the effort to expand the CFAA to allow the government to prosecute security researchers for finding security vulnerabilities in computers did not pass.

Massachusetts Senators Warren and Markey voted against it.  In the rest of New England, only Senators Leahy and Sanders from Vermont voted against it.

This fight is not over, but if we are to succeed the Senate needs to hear from us.  Tell your friends to visit Decide the Future and demand that their senator vote against CISA.

Tell your friends that:

  • CISA is a surveillance bill that would immunize corporations from liability if they share your personal data with the government.  Specifically it allows companies to automatically and simultaneously transfer your data to the DHS, NSA, FBI, and local police with all of our personally-indentifying information.
  • We would not be able to sue them to stop our data from being shared and you won’t even be able to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out what they shared and with whom.  Putting that data in once place will be a great target for malicious hackers and will be an OPM breach in the making.
  • Twitter, Apple, Google and many other tech companies have come out against CISA.

Please reach out to your friends and urge them to visit  and call their Senators. 

When you get the chance, call Senator Warren at 202-224-4543, and Senator Markey at 202-224-2742 and thank them for voting against CISA.

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