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Pirates Can Vote in Tuesday’s Presidential Primary

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UPDATE: If your poll worker is confused about whether you can vote (our code is X just so you know), then you can point them to this Massachusetts Elections Division tweet:

It is hard to avoid talk of the presidential primaries, but at least in Massachusetts it will be over on Tuesday. Pirate voters can vote in any party primary without changing their voter registration and can choose from candidates from three parties.

While we don’t endorse in the Presidential election, numerous candidates announced their support for the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to backdoor the iOS.  Some oppose net neutrality, while supporting mass surveillance and trade treaties that will place corporations over people.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Tuesday. You can find where to vote and, if you haven’t registered as a Pirate voter, you can do so on-line.

We’re looking for many good Pirates

Of course we would prefer to have a Pirate running for president, but we aren’t there yet.  Our focus is on the Massachusetts legislature which has a tendency to grant millions in tax breaks to Hollywood, GE and potentially video game companies.

We are looking for Pirates to run for Massachusetts house and senate in 2016 or city and town offices in 2017.  Candidates for the legislature have to submit nomination signatures for validation by May 3rd, but candidates only need signatures from 150 voters in the district to get on the ballot.  Getting on the ballot takes some effort, but with 60% of legislators running unopposed in November, is worth it.

If you are interested in running, be sure to change your voter registration to Pirate by Tuesday and tell us you are interested in running.

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2 comments on “Pirates Can Vote in Tuesday’s Presidential Primary

  1. Just remember, these are volunteers working the polling booths. They may have not received training from the individual clerks on what parties are allowed to vote and how.. I spent a good hour trying to convince 4 little old ladies that yes I could pick a ballot.. When they see the Voter designation of X , they thought that it meant I wasnt allowed to vote.. 20 minutes later the clerk got involved..

    Repeat the same process on the exiting side.. “X means what??”

  2. Agreed. Had a similar experience with Somerville, though thankfully the delay wasn’t an hour. You can also show them this:

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