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Wednesday: Stop the DARK Act in the Senate!

Dan Brady

H.R. 1599 (nicknamed the DARK Act because it would Deny Consumers the Right to Know) passed the U.S. House of Representatives last summer and is up for a cloture vote Wednesday. They will need sixty votes to prevail. The latest version of the “DARK Act” would preempt the states, codify voluntary labeling and give the USDA discretion to write our future.

We must stop the Roberts’ bill and remain vigilant knowing that the real threat may be hidden behind closed doors where our rights could be compromised away without our input, knowledge or consent.

Please contact Senators Warren and Markey and ask your networks across the country to call their own senators!

Call Senator Warren’s office: (202)-224-4543
Call Senator Markey’s office: (202)-224-2742

Senator Warren has been a HUGE champion for mandatory GMO labeling, and Senator Markey is strongly with us, as well. We have no doubt that they will do the right thing, but we need them to hear from all of us to encourage them to speak up on the Senate floor. Please thank them for their leadership and ask for their help in stopping Robert’s bill.


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