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PirateCon 2016 will be June 25th

We put out a questionnaire to decide the date for PirateCon 2016 and its focus. Based on the results, we chose Saturday, June 25th for the date of PirateCon 2016.  The registration fee last year was $10, free for attendees under the age of 18.  We are working on streaming the conference and plan to offer childcare for toddlers and above.

We are looking for a location in the Boston-area that, ideally, isn’t expensive, has one large room that can seat 50-150 people, has a few classrooms, decent wifi/Internet access and is wheelchair accessible.  If you can suggest a place or want to help with the conference, please email us at

Also, if you want to speak at it or organize a panel, please email us at

The results of the questionnaire are here:

How Long Should PirateCon Last?

The usual one day is fine 10
Saturday & Sunday 4

When Should we Hold piratecon 2016?

Saturday, June 25th 9
Saturday, June 18th 8
Saturday, June 4th 7
Sunday, June 5th 4
Sunday, June 26th 4
Sunday, June 19th 3

Where Should we Hold Piratecon?

Boston, Cambridge, Somerville Area 10
Between 128 and 495 4
Route 128 belt 3
West of 495 1

How would you prefer to get to the conference?

Public transit 8
Bicycle 7
Car 6
Bus (PeterPan, etc) 2
Car to public transit 2

Where do you live?

Greater Boston 7
Along 495 2
Somewhere else 2
North Shore 1

Should we arrange for childcare at the conference site?

Yes 8
No 3

Conference Topics

Open government 10
Surveillance and countersurveillance 8
The war on drugs 7
Pirate strategy 7
Net neutrality 7
Filing FOIA and public records requests 7
Building third-party coalitions 7
Proposing local legislation 6
Income inequality 6
Corporate power 6
Organizing 5
Environment 5
Copyright 5
Running campaigns 4
Minimum wage 3
Patents 2

Write-In Conference Topics

  • Encroaching Police State and Accountability
  • Fascism vs Socialism in the Upcoming Elections
  • Inequality and Social Unrest
  • Homelessness
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