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Amusing Stuff that winds up in our Mailbox

As the Pirate Quartermaster, one of my rituals is making a weekly trip to Davis Square to check our PO Box. Occassionally we receive things that are amusing enough to share. For example, here’s a marketing letter from a company that sells greeting cards:

Looking for something that's a perfect fit for your party store customers?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at mistargetings like these. Yes, there’s a “Party” in “Mass Pirate Party”, but that doesn’t mean we’re a business that sells things for birthay parties, graduation parties, and halloween parties. More amusing are the solicitations that assume “Pirate” means (a) a costume shop, or (b) an organization that does booze cruises in Boston harbor.

Perhaps I should thank them for their offer, but suggest they contact the Democratic Party (or the Republican Party) instead.

The folks at the greeting card company were kind enough to include samples, and they are nice greeting cards. I will personally send one of these lovely specimens to the next three people to donate to our policitical action committee! 🙂 Act now! Limited time offer! While Supplies Last!

Speaking of Democrats and political action committees, here’s another item that wound up in our physical inbox:

Committee for a Democratic Senate?  Really?

Inside was an invitation to attend a benefit for the Committee for a Democratic Senate PAC. Tickets prices were a bargian, at a mere $200 — $500 each. I didn’t order a ticket, but I did write a letter in response:

Dear Ms. Ganley,

Thank you for sending an invitation to attend April 25th’s reception to benefit the Committee for a Democratic Senate PAC.

As the name “Massachusetts Pirate Party PAC” indicates, we are members of the Pirate political designation and we respectfully decline your offer to attend.

That said, if you have any interest in organizing a benefit to elect a Pirate Senate, we would be more than happy to work with you.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Remember: never pass up a good teaching moment, especially when it involves other political parties. Or Comcast.

Speaking of which, I’d like to close by reminding everyone that the Massachusetts Pirate Party will hold our annual convention on Saturday June 25th (location TBA), and the cost of admission will be far below the $200–500 range. We’re looking for speakers, so if you’d like to give a talk relating to Open Government, Open Innovation, Open Culture or People first, please drop us a line at info (AT) We’d love to hear from you.

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