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Tell your Legislator to get Big Money Out of Politics!

Our friends over at Pass Mass. Amendment are asking people to contact their legislators by May 18th and urge them to support S.53 and H.933.  These bills would amend the Massachusetts constitution to say that corporations are not people and may be regulated and that money is not free speech and may be regulated.

As corporations and the 1% increasingly dictate what ideas get a hearing in the media and what policies our legislatures will enact, we have to roll back their power and these bills are one simple method to do that.  If your Representative and Senator doesn’t hear from you, Bills S.53 and H.933 may not be heard this session.

To help:

  1. Find your elected official by city-town at;
  2. Find the contact info for your House Representative & Senator at
  3. Call your House Representative & Senator and urge them to ensure that S.53 and H.933 receive a favorable vote this spring and get them to a floor vote.
  4. Add your name to the Statement of Support at
  5. Share this announcement and your action with your friends and neighbors.

Pass Mass. Amendment will hold a public event in support of S.53 and H.933 on Wednesday, May 18th in the House Gallery (4th Fl.) of the State House.  Please arrive by 12:45pm and email if you intend to join.



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