From our friends a Pass Mass. Amendment: Hey, we just got word that there still is a glimmer of hope on the PassMass Constitutional Convention Wednesday May 18...that we could really get a "vote to reconvene" to vote on PassMass this summer. If you want to see this happen TO HELP GET BIG MONEY OUT!...CALL ROSENBERG and DELEO!!! Let us know you did, pls... we have 24 hours. THEY are the ones holding us up. I know we can't do much in 24 hours. But what if we can! Comment at the following post, ...
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Our friends over at Pass Mass. Amendment are asking people to contact their legislators by May 18th and urge them to support S.53 and H.933.  These bills would amend the Massachusetts constitution to say that corporations are not people and may be regulated and that money is not free speech and may be regulated. As corporations and the 1% increasingly dictate what ideas get a hearing in the media and what policies our legislatures will enact, we have to roll back their power and these bills a...
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Back in March, the Massachusetts Pirate Party chose to endorse the "We the People Act" (currently H.3127). After a series of discussions internally, and with our friends at PassMassAmendement, we've decided to rescind our endorsement. The We the People Act has some very nice language, and we're very much on board with the idea that "Corporations are not people and money is not speech". Our objection to the bill comes from this paragraph: Be it further Resolved that if Congress does not...
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(Updated (Oct 18th 2015): we have since withdrawn support for the We The People Act.) Dollars are not votes. Last fall, the Massachusetts Pirate Party helped gather signatures for PassMassAmendment. This was an effort to amend the Massachusetts constitution, adding language that (1) Corporations are not People, and (2) Money is not speech. The effort gathered over seventeen thousand signatures; unfortunately, that wasn't enough to trigger the amendment process. Work on this issue cont...
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We need Piracy on Beacon Hill, specifically, we need a Pirate to sponsor and promote bills on the hill that promote net neutrality, personal privacy, government transparency. Joe Guertin wants to be that representative. Joe is young and energetic, but also civic minded and politically informed. And he needs your help. He's not on the ballot yet, and we only have until April 29th to get all the signatures he needs. One Hundred and fifty signatures doesn't sound like many, but to be sure to re...
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Press release - Massachusetts Pirate Party - 1/23/2014 7:20 AM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PIRATE PARTY PROMPTS SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN FINANCE RULING FOR BITCOIN Boston, MA - January 23, 2014 - The Pirate Party is pleased that the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) ruled that registered political committees can now accept donations in bitcoins. "The OCPF's ruling provides another tool for emerging political groups to raise needed funds. It is yet another sign that c...
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Get RCV on the ballot by 6/17!`

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