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Pirate Podcasts – Episode 10: Your Community Needs You (to run for office)

Tobias M. Eckrich

James O’Keefe is the Captain of the Massachusetts Pirate Party, and a former Green Party candidate for Massachusetts Treasurer. In this podcast, James talks about organizing campaign for local and state offices, with an emphasis on running local. Topics include building a network of supporters, developing a core message, campaign logistics, fundraising and planning finances, the importance of communicating with your supporters, and organizing get out the vote efforts.

James’s talk was recorded at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA on Nov 12th, 2016. It’s part of the Massachusetts Pirate Party’s Run Local in 2017 campaign. Lots of things happen at the local level, and they affect the lives of everyday people in your community.

You can listen below, or download the podcast from the Internet Archive.

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