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Steve Revilak discusses Arlington, MA's Paper Wall - zoning regulations that limit the supply of new housing (and multi-family housing in particular) in Arlington, and also contribute to higher housing costs. As someone who was involved with a recent zoning bylaw update, Mr. Revilak is able to share anecdotes about how these restrictions came into place. This talk was recorded at an event called The State of Zoning for Multi-Family Housing in Greater Boston, held in Medford MA on July 25th,...
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Captain James, Quartermaster Joe, First Officer Steve and Activism Director Sam have a free flowing discussion of the latest news including: Orlando police once again ditch Amazon’s facial recognition software Here's The Most Complete Map So Far Of Amazon's Ring Camera Surveillance Partnerships With Local PoliceEquifax Hack $700 million settlementFSB Contractor Hacked13 year old US citizen detained in ICE campHOUSING AFFORDABILITY: What Can Citizens and Municipalities Do?August 4th P...
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Captain James and Quartermaster Joseph talk about a Pirate foreign policy and nonintervention. Reminder that Voter Choice Massachusetts has an RCV lobby day today, July 16th, 11am - 2pm. We fully support their efforts to bring ranked choice voting/instant runoff voting to Massachusetts. We urge you to join them and other electoral reform advocates to lobby legislators to support RCV. They will meet on the State House steps at 24 Beacon St. starting at 10:15 to pass out t-shirts, sign...
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At the pirate planning picnic, Quartermaster Joe, Captain James, Swarmwise Director Christine and First Officer Steve talked about what democracy means to pirates and why we focus on it. We also talked about upcoming events and our weekly IRC meetings every Wednesday, 9-10pm. Sorry for the audio. We are working to improve it for the next gathering. If you want to help produce these videos, please email us.


Captain James and Quartermaster talk about surveillance in the USA and two bills (S.1385 and H.1538) that we support which would ban facial recognition tech in Massachusetts' state and local government. They also talk about our upcoming Pirate Planning Picnic and helping Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner and Julian Assange and why supporting them supports free speech. More info on S.1385 and H.1538;Sign up to be a volunteer and get a notification when the upcoming Pirate Planning Picnic w...
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Quartermaster Joe talks with First Officer Steve and Activism Director Malt about what the Trump administration has been doing including: defying House subpoenas; * possible war with Iran; Mueller Report; election security; China trade standoff. First Officer Steve, a town meeting member in Arlington, talks about what is going in local government there. The crew talks about some problems with charter schools, running for office and an update on the national party.


Pirates Joe, Steve and James talk about the latest news of interest to Pirates: Including: Newton Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph & Wesley MacGregor, a former trial court officer, facing prosecution for allegedly aiding an undocumented person from being seized by ICE Steve, a town meeting member in Arlington, talks about what's new in Arlington town government What's up for the Pirate Party with the end of the recent European Parliament elections Holyoke Pirate Meetup will be June ...
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We have two new Pirate News segments up. One on the upcoming Somerville Meetup, recent Pharma convictions in Massachusetts, the calls for adding more tolls / congestion fees and the Robert Kraft arrest: and one on Stop & Shop Strike (recorded before it ended) & Mueller Report: You can find other Pirate News segments and more videos we recorded at our YouTube channel.


Our newest Pirate News is up: In this Pirate News, Captain James, Quartermaster Joe and Activism Director Sam (Malt) talk about the latest news of interest to Pirates: Our upcoming meetups in Boston & Lowell Pirate Council Nomination Open Running for office in MA The good you can do as a Pirate town meeting member video Our how to run for office video Our running as an Independent video,_2020 https://bal...
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Our newest Pirate News is up: Captain James, Quartermaster Joseph, Activism Director Sam (Malt) and Arlington Pirate Town Meeting member Steve talked about the latest news of interest to Pirates: Petition to Implement a Moratorium on Arrests of Boston Sex Workers; Kashmir Hill's article: I Cut the 'Big Five' Tech Giants From My Life. It Was Hell; Pirate MEP Julia Reda: Council ready to continue negotiations on the worst version of Article 13 yet; Monthly Pirate Meetups Comin...
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