Pirates Malt, Steve, James and Joe discuss the latest updates on the Massachusetts Pirate Party and news of interest to pirates including: New Hampshire sues Massachusetts over income taxes for New Hampshire residents who work in Massachusetts;Feds finally sue Google on anti-trust grounds;Why you should vote for Question 1: Right to Repair in the November 3rd election; Our on-line party conference will be November 14-15th. If you want to vote by mail for this year's election, you mus...
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We started live streaming our Pirate News recording on Sundays at 7:30pm Eastern. You can catch it at: Past recordings are at https://www.youtube.com/user/masspirates/videos.


Pirates Steve, Christine, James, Malt and Joe discuss the latest updates on the Massachusetts Pirate Party and news of interest to pirates. Resources if you get an eviction notice: Your landlord or bank cannot evict you. Only a judge can. Check if your city or town has its own COVID-19 eviction moratorium Check your local mutual aid group City Life/Vida UrbanaGreater Boston Legal ServicesCDC temporary halt in evictions to prevent further spread of COVID-19 Form Why we support Questions...
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Malt, James, Steve and Joe give the latest updates on the Massachusetts Pirate Party and discuss news of interest to pirates. Police using mass. keyword searches; Track Me Not browser plug in generate extra random searches for you;Eviction/Foreclosure Moratorium Bill before the legislature;10/17 Worcester Surveillance Mapping Outing.


Pirates James, Malt, Steve, Christine and Joe talk about: Court ruling preventing Edward Snowden from being paid book royalties and speaking fees;Trump gets COVID Yes on Questions 1 & 2:Statement;Pirate News Video;Our virtual tech meeting on Saturday, October 10th;Join us in Worcester on Saturday, October 17th to map surveillance cameras;Rally for Julian Assange and a free press: Monday, October 5th, 11am-3pm, UK Consulate, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA


James, Steve and Joe come back from a week long hiatus to talk about the latest current events and pirate happenings, including: Dutch hackers got into Trump's Twitter account in October 2016;A reminder to encrypt your email and how to do it;Update on our computer donation drive;Help choose the date for our party conference;Register for the October 17th Worcester surveillance camera mapping meetup;Using Go Map!! on the iPhone;More tips for mapping cameras; Surveillance camera map.


Because of it is Labor Day Weekend, we won't record Pirate News tonight. Instead, here are the videos we took of last week's Free The Vaccine protest in Cambridge. Join us this Saturday, the 12th, to map surveillance cameras in Boston.


Pirates Steve, Malt and Joe talk about what is going on in Kenosha, WI and Portland, OR including Black Lives Matter protests and police and white supremacist violence.


Pirates Steve, James and Joe talk about how account security and monster trucks relate and Trump's call to put police in polling locations. We give an update on our 2020 party conference survey and upcoming events: 2020 party conference survey8/29 tech meetup9/12 and 10/17 surveillance camera mapping outings Our EARN IT Act call-a-thon Monster Truck and Ebay


Pirates Malt, James, Steve and Joe talk about the exceptions to the Huawei ban, weird news about a Snowden pardon and the GOP convention's media ban. We rescheduled our EARN IT Act Call-a-thon to 8/20 11am-noon Eastern. More on the Pentagon's exception to the Huawei ban ...


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Yes on Questions 1 & 2!

Yes on Questions 1 & 2!`

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Party Conference, 11/14-15

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Stop the EARN IT Act!

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Got an old computer? Donate it!

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