Pirates James, Steve, Malt and Joe discuss the latest news of interest to pirates including: GOP banning media from their national convention; our statement on canceling Operation Legend and the use of federal law enforcement officers in cities;eviction/foreclosure moratorium extended to October 17th but two landlords file a court challenge.


James, Steve and Joe talk about the latest news: Steve discusses joining the Ride for Black Lives; Joe talks about new travel restrictions from states in the grips of the pandemic; James gives an update on the end of Pandemic Unemployment insurance support, efforts to extend it and Gov. Baker extending the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until October 17th. He also discusses efforts by Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) to get the Housing Stability Act (S2...
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Steve, James, Malt and Joe talk about the latest Massachusetts news. Joe talks about a recent protest in Lowell to defund the police;Steve discusses what Cambridge is doing to encourage affordable housing;James gives the run down on mail-in ballots for the upcoming elections:You should be mailed an application for a mail-in ballot, but if not, get a copy at https://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/eleev/early-voting-by-mail.htm;Applications must reach your local election office by August 26 for t...
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Pirates Steve, James and Joe talk about the latest local news including: Arlington's recent election and how it is organizing town meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic;The Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative and;We are looking for better video chat tools. If you have any suggestions, please add a comment below.


Pirates Malt, Steve, James and Joe talk about the latest news of interest to pirates including: Latest in protests against police brutality and in support of Black Lives Matter This Tuesdays hearing on banning facial surveillance in Boston HR 6666 on paying for contract tracing HR 4588 on not mixing FISA requests and opposition research How Arlington's recent mail voting town election went.


Pirates Joe, Malt and James talk about the police killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the police rioting and the crack down on our First Amendment rights. We also talk about Trump's bogus Communications Decency Act Section 230 executive order: Massachusetts Bail FundBoston Black Lives MatterMama Safia's Kitchen Go Fund MeTrump's CDA 230 executive order Also, Malt called it about Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) being used if you listen to the end of this vi...
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Pirates Joe, Steve and James talk about the latest current events including Arlington's efforts to run its upcoming election by mail in ballot, PATRIOT Act renewal and Massachusetts' phased reopening from the COVID-19 less than lockdown. Digitally sign to get the Ranked Choice Voting initiative on the November ballot Donate your used computer Donate to your local food bank


Pirates Joe, Malt, Steve and James discuss discuss: Huawei and US-China trade; Getting Voter Choice MA's Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative on the November ballot. Sign the RCV ballot initiative; Donating computers to give them a second life. Help us!; Reopening Massachusetts during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Massachusetts Pirates Joe, Steve and James talk about the latest news of interest to Pirates including: Cape Cod Field Hospital Closes Without Seeing Any Coronavirus Patients The EARN IT Act Violates the Constitution US public health officials on apps: "Meh" Can We Track COVID-19 and Protect Privacy at the Same Time? This Script Sends Junk Data to Ohio’s Website for Snitching on Workers Ohio Covid 19 Toolkit


Massachusetts Pirates Joe, Christine, Malt, Steve and James talk about the latest news of interest to Pirates. The COVID-19 pandemic continues on and has implications for people's lives, the economy and our elections. Steve talks about what Arlington is doing to keep its town government accountable to voters. Malt talks about efforts to suppress voting. James gives an update on Voter Choice MA's efforts to get on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), aka Instant Runoff Voting, on the November bal...
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