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Tech Meeting Today, Manning Standout the 17th

November was a busy month. We helped Aaron James earn 2635 votes, the most of any Pirate in Massachusetts. Our first campaign training was well attended. Over 30 people attended the Somerville cryptoparty.

We aren’t stopping.  Whether the issue is Trump getting his hands on the massive surveillance state Obama perpetuated, the Department of Defense hiding that it wastes at least $25 billion a year or banksters stealing people’s houses, the US needs Pirates.

And we need you.

Today from 2 to 4pm we will have a tech hackathon to work on our website and other tech projects. Email for the directions if you plan to attend.

Next Saturday the 17th, we will be join Chelsea Manning supporters for a stand out on her birthday.  It will be from 1-2pm in front of the Park St. MBTA stop in downtown Boston. Please send her a birthday card and support her struggle.

Wednesday the 28th will be the last Somerville cryptoparty of the year. Email if you can help find a site for this meeting.

We put up our slide decks and audio recordings for two of the talks at our campaign training:

If you haven’t told us that you are interested in running for office, please do so.

As always, we need your help and any money you can spare.


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1 comment on “Tech Meeting Today, Manning Standout the 17th

  1. As always I enjoy receiving the newsletter and all the good work you are doing in Mass. I am out here on Hawaii so out of your loop. 🙂

    I would like to suggest that another issue you may want to consider is the part US supported global corruption plays in resource rich developing countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Because of our iPhones and other electronics the local people are forced to exchange their mineral wealth for extreme poverty. The money ends up in “Panama Papers” locations under the control of American and EU anonymous corporations which are owned by “Investment Funds” like the Carlyle Group.

    I appreciate how your effort is on the state level however we as a society have allowed all resource development companies, not just oil and gas, to float under the radar because of the resource that are terms “strategic”. Meanwhile we the consumer collectively refuse consider that we could generate all of our energy by renewable sources and we could buy more locally produced items and fewer “planned obsolescent” iPhones.

    Just a thought that was triggered by your newsletter and the important issues we face with Trump. This wealth transfer for extreme poverty will only get worse.

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