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No better time to be a Pirate

Evan Falchuk, founder of the United Independent Party, switched to the Democratic Party recently. It is unclear what will happen to the United Independent Party, but we hope they will continue without Evan’s assistance.  Evan spoke at our 2015 conference along with other third-party representatives and he remains an articulate speaker. Good luck to him.

If you know any United Independent Party voters, tell them the Pirate Party isn’t giving up. The Massachusetts General Court is still the corporate-friendly legislature that raises regressive sales taxes, gives tax breaks to wealthy corporations, puts banksters’ quest for profits over people’s property rights and exempts itself from our still poor Freedom of Information law. It is a legislature that is 80% Democratic, where incumbents run unopposed in the general election 60% of the time.

We are looking for Pirate voters, supporters, candidates and donors. There is no better time to be a Pirate.

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No Free Lunch for Amazon!

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