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Friday: Digital Privacy at the Border Workshop

We are helping the International Scholars Working Group (part of the Harvard Graduate Union) organize a privacy workshop this Friday 6-8pm at Lamont Forum Room, Lamont Library in Harvard Yard (the corner of Quincy & Harvard St), Cambridge.

The privacy workshop is geared towards the needs of international students, but anyone interested in learning how to protect their privacy, especially at the border, is invited to attend. If you wish, please spread this page or the ISWG’s Facebook event.

Trump’s announcement that border officers will be given the power to vet foreigners’ social media profiles doesn’t just affect travelers who are either from or were born in the Muslim majority countries affected by the ban, but also other foreign nationals and US citizens, particularly those who work or have family in at-risk countries.

Travelers have been asked to surrender their phones, their passwords, and even what they thought of the Trump administration, before being denied or allowed entry into the US, in clear violation of their Fourth Amendment rights. As of tonight, we have learned that the US will also be banning laptops and tablets on flights coming from eight Middle Eastern and North African countries.

To respond to this, the International Scholars Working Group (part of Harvard Graduate Union) has organized a bring-your-own-laptop, hands-on cybersecurity workshop, held by the he Massachusetts Pirate Party. We’ll learn how to prepare for the eventuality of being asked to surrender your laptop/smartphone/passwords at the border and how to express political opinions freely and use the internet for activism without compromising your security at the border.

If you have any specific questions for the Pirate Party workshop leaders regarding your digital privacy in the US or at the border, we warmly encourage you to fill in this form, and they will do their best to answer them!

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