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Today: Break the Internet for Net Neutrality

We have long supported network neutrality. Internet service providers shouldn’t have the right to censor what bits we receive or send. They shouldn’t have the right to charge some companies more to send bits to us or us to receive those bits.

If we don’t stop the FCC from giving ISPs the right to discriminate against particular traffic, we will be less free. If ISPs can charge companies to send bits to us, then only large companies will be benefit, competition will decrease and many new Internet companies simply won’t be started.

The FCC will vote to overturn net neutrality on Thursday, so we urge you to contact your congress people and urge them to overrule the FCC and to support network neutrality. Please visit the Battle for the Net page to find out how to contact your congress people and join the struggle.

You can call your Massachusetts congress people directly from our Mass. delegation contact list, but congress people in other states really need to hear how much support net neutrality has. Please spread word to your family, friends and co-workers and urge them to join us.

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