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PirateCon 2017 will be April 29th

Our PirateCon 2017 survey is done. Thanks to everyone who participated.  Based on the 22 responses, we chose April 29th as the date for PirateCon 2017. While we know this date conflicts with the Mass Alliance campaign workshops, April 29th received the most votes and gives us a few more weeks to ... Read more

It took seven legislators

Seven legislators is all it took to delay selling cannabis legally in Massachusetts.  The voters agreed that one year is enough to figure out the regulations for cannabis stores. But less than two handfuls of legislators decided to delay the inevitable for six more months. Their excuse is that th... Read more

Table with us at Freedom Rally

For the last several years, the Massachusetts Pirate Party has attended Boston's Freedom Rally.  This is an important event for civil liberties, and for ending the war on drugs.  It's also really festive, and a great opportunity for outreach. Once again it will be on Boston Common and this year i... Read more

Support MA Fusion Center Reform

We voted unanimously to support of S.734, the fusion center reform bill. Digital Fourth is working on this campaign and is urging people to make calls to members of the Judiciary Committee and urge them to support this bill. Here are the names and numbers of the members of the Judiciary Commit... Read more

We need your help to make the next two years great

For the last two years, the Massachusetts Pirate Party has run on a shoestring, but we've still accomplished a lot. We ran two candidates for State Representative and got our first Pirate elected to local office. We organized a statewide conference; we spoke at Left Forum; we tabled at two Fre... Read more

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