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The Senate votes to censor the net

Recently, the US House approved the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. The Senate’s cloture vote passed overwhelmingly Monday with only Wyden and Paul voting against it.

Like SESTA, FOSTA would censor any site that allows user supported content without actually hindering sex trafficking.

The Senate will resume consideration of FOSTA at 11am Wednesday, the 21st. Now would be a good time to call Senator Warren at (202) 224-4543 and Senator Markey at (202) 224-2742 and tell them how this bill will lead to more censorship of online discussion, favor large companies and won’t hinder sex trafficking. Please share our blog version of this message with friends and family.

Should this bill pass, the copyright monopolists will be much closer to achieving their goal of mandatory filtering of all content on the Internet. We know some want the US to follow China (and the UK) and setup our own Great Censorwall.

If that happens, we will work to make sure copyright monopolists don’t get their wish and to roll this bill back, like the Massachusetts tech tax repeal.

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