Party Conference is September 29th

Our annual party conference will be Saturday, September 29th at the Community Church of Boston.  The conference will focus on planning, expanding our platform and organizing how-tos. We will have time for lightning talks and possibly a small number of panels. Formal sessions will start at 10am and end at 6pm. We plan to video stream the conference.

The Community Church is in Copley Square at 565 Boylston St #2, Boston. It is easily accessible by public transit.

Registration is $10. Youth under 18 and anyone who is not a citizen or permanent resident are free. You can pay in advance or just tell us you will attend if you prefer to pay at the door, are not a citizen or permanent resident or are under 18.

If you are interested in presenting or participating in a panel, please tell us by September 15th. If you want to organize a panel discussion, please provide the contact information for other speakers who you want to speak with you or have agreed up to speak with you.

Conference details and updates will be up at the Party Conference page.

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2 comments for Party Conference is September 29th

  1. Larrie commented at

    So wait, let me get something straight? Anyone who legally can’t receive benefit under the American government gets in for free, but anyone who would benefit from the changes you make has to pay to go? Sounds like you’re coming out the gate being the very entity your fighting. If you want equality among people being under a governing entity then either everyone pays or no one pays. I though the point of the pirate party was to make a world where information was free to share between people of said world?

    • jokeefe commented at

      We operate under the campaign finance laws of Massachusetts. Those laws state that we can only take money from someone who is a US citizen or permanent resident. Given the choice between turning people away who are not US citizens or permanent residents, and letting them participate, we decided on the later. If someone cannot pay $10, then we will be happy to waive the registration fee.

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