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Pirate Council Nominations Extended to May 23rd

Thanks to everyone who attended PirateCon, especially the volunteers who made it happen.  We were able to get video streaming working and appreciate everyone who watched the live stream.  We recorded all of the conference panels and will post when we have put them up. It looks like Pirates are start... Read more

Now Streaming PirateCon 2017

After a bit of delay, we are streaming PirateCon 2017. Audio only for now. Hopefully will have video back up after lunch. Read more

Our annual conference is this Saturday

This week was busy: participating in the March for Science, holding a cryptotable at the Boston Socialist Unity Conference and holding a Western Mass. campaign workshop. To finish the week, we getting ready for our annual conference this Saturday. PirateCon 2017 will be at the Community Church of... Read more

Pirate Party Holds 5th Annual Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PIRATE PARTY HOLDS 5TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE Boston, MA – April 18, 2017 – The Massachusetts Pirate Party will host PirateCon, it’s 5th annual party conference on Saturday, April 29th at the Community Church of Boston. PirateCon is a yearly event in which Massachusetts Pirate... Read more

House allows ISPs to spy on you, protect yourself

Yesterday, in a mostly partisan vote of 215 to 205, the US House of Representatives voted to roll back our online privacy protections from ISPs. This vote followed the recent Senate vote of 50 to 48 for S.J.Res. 34. The entire Massachusetts delegation voted against it, but both votes were close. ... Read more

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June 10th, Boston LGBTQ Pride Parade

Save the Date: June 10th, Boston LGBTQ Pride Parade

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