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NAFTA 2.0 means we need our own #SaveYourInternet campaign

Sunday EU Pirates and other EU residents demonstrated for the #SaveYourInternet campaign opposing the European Parliament’s upcoming vote to impose copyright upload filters and a link tax. Monday Trump announced a new NAFTA treaty that would establish a notice-and-takedown system for copyright safe harbors for Internet service providers (ISPs). Unfortunately, we don’t know the details yet, but it looks like the US needs its own #SaveYourInternet campaign.

What we do know is that update filters are censorship machines and if these bills pass, the damage to freedom of speech in the EU (and potentially elsewhere) will be immense. The EU vote is currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th. There are two ways we can help our fellow pirates in the EU:

  1. Please tell any family, friends or co-workers who live in the EU about this bill and urge them to contact their MEP via the tools at saveyourinternet.eu.
  2. Follow Pirate MEP Julia Reda’s suggestion and post a selfie to show you’re #1of1million who support the #SaveYourInternet campaign:

Our 9/29 party conference is coming up and registration is openWe will be at Freedom Rally table and want your help.

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