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Mass Mesh Network Moves Forward

All Rally for Net Neutrality

The Mass Mesh Net folks have come down from their euphoria at what a success the Freedom Rally network was.  Pirate Will, Stephen and Pirate Peter put in so much time to keep the network humming along and tell people about what MassMesh and the Pirate Party are doing.  Thanks to Molly from the FSF for coming by with some Day Against DRM flyers.

Mass Mesh didn’t log regular network statistics (that is something they plan to improve on), but it looks like they had hundreds of people use the network over the two days it was up. The network saw speeds of 6-8 Mb/sec on Saturday and 30-36 Mb/sec on Sunday after Will and Stephen better aligned the dish to the Internet.  They got connectivity on the hill overlooking the rally and even as far as the 7-Eleven outside Boston Common.  Freedom Rally was a great test of the software and hardware they are using to bring free WiFi access to communities across Massachusetts.

There are left over flyers. Email and we will mail some to spread around your neighborhood.

The Mass. Mesh Net weekly tech meetups are every Tuesday, 7-9pm generally (though not this upcoming Tuesday) at Industry Lab, 288 Norfolk St, Cambridge. You can find them at

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