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Wednesday: Help build a community ISP!

Community mesh networks such as NYC Mesh, in Spain and Freifunk in Germany have already shown we can build a community ISP. This Wednesday, 1/31, during the Somerville Cryptoparty, is a discussion on how we can move forward with developing a community mesh network in the Boston area.  I... Read more

Digital Right of Repair Bills Need Your Help

With computers in more and more of the things we buy, it is vital that have a digital right of repair so we truly control the things we own. Corporations must not be able to lock down their products so that we have to pay them exorbitant amounts to fix them or prevent people from determining their s... Read more

Digital Right of Repair Hearing on Sept. 26th

Massachusetts legislators will hear testimony for and against Digital Right to Repair on September 26 in the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection. The bill is H.143 in the Massachusetts House and S.96 in the Senate. With computers in more and more of the things we buy, it is vital that these bills... Read more

Thursday: Fixit Clinic, Jamaica Plain Public Library (Boston)

From our Boston Organizer, Matt Fealy. Contact him at, if you can help organize a Boston Pirate Party chapter. Celebrating repair by conveying basic troubleshooting skills, Fixit Clinics are do-it-together hands-on STEM-oriented fix-n-learn community-based exploration and disc... Read more

Day Against DRM, This Saturday, July 8th

Our Day Against DRM event is July 8th and we want your help getting the word out about the evils of Digital Restrictions Management. We will meet in front of the Park Street MBTA stop at 11am. Around 11:15am we will fan out around the area to hand out flyers and hold signs in opposition to Digita... Read more

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No Free Lunch for Amazon!

No Free Lunch for Amazon!

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