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Donate your unused computers to help others

As the pandemic continues, many are stuck at home without access to a computer for school or other activities.  We are looking for computers people are willing to donate so we can get them setup for those in need. We are working with mutual aid groups and charities around the state.

If you can donate, please fill out our form and we will arrange safe pickup.

All items to be donated must be placed into a tied plastic bag, with the date, name of donor and the donor’s phone number clearly written upon the bag. Donated equipment will be collected by a volunteer of the Pirate Party and held until 5 days have transpired from bagging. Thereafter, any remaining data on the machine will be wiped, with a clean and current OS installed. Machines will come complete with an open source/free software internet browser, productivity suite, and antivirus.

We will include a brief document on the desktop explaining the included software, as well as information on who we are and how to contact us for assistance. We are looking at offering bimonthly video conferences for new users who might be having trouble with their new system.

To donate equipment, just fill out our form. If you want to help with this project, please email us at

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