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Updated with the name of the amendment. Thanks Restore the Fourth!

The PATRIOT Act renewal passed in the Senate. It is heading back to the House for another vote since it was amended to add a degree of independent oversight to the FISA court. The original House bill included some reforms, including forbidding the warrantless collection of Americans’ phone records and cell tower or GPS location data.

Unfortunately, the Wyden amendment to forbid the collecting of internet website browsing and internet search history through a FISA application failed by one vote. Representatives in the House are working to add that amendment back into the bill, H.R. 6172. Once it is in the bill, it will have the votes to sustain it in the Senate.

In the original House vote, Representatives Keating, Lynch, Moulton, and Neal voted for it. Representatives Clark, Kennedy, McGovern, Pressley and Trahan voted against the bill and are likely to vote for an amendment forbidding the collecting of our internet website browsing and internet search history without a warrant. It isn’t clear how Representatives Keating, Lynch, Moulton, Neal will vote, but their votes show they are pro-surveillance.

The vote will be soon, so call your representative and tell them you oppose warrantless surveillance of your web browsing and search history and to support the Lofgren-Davidson Internet privacy amendment. If you aren’t sure who your representative is, find out. Here are their office numbers:

DistrictName / WebsiteDC Office
1stRichard Neal(202) 225-5601
2ndJames McGovern(202) 225-6101
3rdLori Trahan(202) 225-3411
4thJoseph P. Kennedy III(202) 225-5931
5thKatherine Clark(202) 225-2836
6thSeth Moulton(202) 225-8020
7thAyanna Pressley(202) 225-5111
8thStephen Lynch(202) 225-8273
9thWilliam Keating(202) 225-3111

Ultimately, the only way we are going to burn the PATRIOT Act to the ground, salt the ashes left behind and restore our privacy is to replace Democrats and Republicans with Pirates in the House and Senate. We need you for 2022.

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