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The EARN IT Act would gut Communications Decency Act Section 230, which protects free speech online. Section 230 requires you be held responsible for what you say, not the website or platform where you said it. As more and more speech is corralled into the tech giants walled gardens, it ensures that we have the freedom to express ourselves. As the EFF notes: "EARN IT would establish a “National Commission on Online Child Exploitation Prevention.” This Commission would include the Chairman...
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Pirates Joe, Steve and James talk about the latest current events including Arlington's efforts to run its upcoming election by mail in ballot, PATRIOT Act renewal and Massachusetts' phased reopening from the COVID-19 less than lockdown. Digitally sign to get the Ranked Choice Voting initiative on the November ballot Donate your used computer Donate to your local food bank


Volunteers from Voter Choice for Massachusetts, the Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) campaign, made history last fall when they submitted 111,000 certified signatures to the Secretary of the Commonwealth; the most ever by a Massachusetts ballot initiative campaign. The Massachusetts Pirate Party supports RCV and we are proud to be part of this historic effort to give a stronger voice and more choice to voters. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) allows voters to rank the candidates on the ballot by order o...
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Updated with the name of the amendment. Thanks Restore the Fourth! The PATRIOT Act renewal passed in the Senate. It is heading back to the House for another vote since it was amended to add a degree of independent oversight to the FISA court. The original House bill included some reforms, including forbidding the warrantless collection of Americans’ phone records and cell tower or GPS location data. Unfortunately, the Wyden amendment to forbid the collecting of internet website browsing a...
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The PATRIOT Act, that abomination to our 4th Amendment right to privacy, is yet again up for renewal in H.R. 6172, which passed in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. Senators Daines (R-CO), Leahy (D-VT), Lee (R-UT), Paul (R-KY) and Wyden (D-OR) have put forward three amendments to reform it. Should these amendments pass unchanged, journalists, political and religious organizations would have a voice when the rubber stamp Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court reviews...
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Massachusetts Pirates Joe, Steve and James talk about the latest news of interest to Pirates including: Cape Cod Field Hospital Closes Without Seeing Any Coronavirus Patients The EARN IT Act Violates the Constitution US public health officials on apps: "Meh" Can We Track COVID-19 and Protect Privacy at the Same Time? This Script Sends Junk Data to Ohio’s Website for Snitching on Workers Ohio Covid 19 Toolkit


Pirates Joe, Steve and James talk about the latest news from a Pirate perspective including states reopening while COVID-19 rages, what you can do about your kid's school Chromebooks spying on you and your friendly reminder not to drink bleach. Also, James has technical difficulties getting his DSLR working as his webcam; hilarity doesn't ensue. Some of the articles we mention: Several states starting to reopen this weekendThis is where all 50 states stand on reopeningHomemade Gas Ma...
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Pirates Joe, James, Steve and Malt talk about the latest news including: Google/Apple potentially violating your rights here in America with their contact tracing tech. See also: back to work astroturf campaign 80% of the tax cut in the bailout "went to just 43,000 taxpayers each earning over $1 million a year COVID-19 Update. Our resources to fight COVID-19 SJC Rules Police Were OK To Use License Plate ...
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Thanks to everyone who filled out MuckRock's FOIA request system to find out whether police are using facial recognition technology and how. Eleven requests are up for Massachusetts, but that still leaves 340 cities and towns we can file FOIA requests in. The process to send a request to your municipality or any other you are interested in is easy: Go to their project pageFill out the form at the bottom of the pageComplete any steps they have to create an account That's it. It will ...
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Jeff Bezos, using his media empire, created the "porch pirate" narrative in order to push demand for Ring cameras. Having deployed them in communities across the state, he is now poised to sell access to this spy network to the police. If the state proposed building surveilance cameras outside the front door of every house in every city, there would be justified outrage. But by making the Ring camera a consumer object, it becomes a status symbol, something enviable. The purported AI techn...
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Get RCV on the ballot by 6/17!

Get RCV on the ballot by 6/17!`

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