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Today: Understanding Fusion Centers Live Stream

Our local fusion center, the Boston Regional Information Center (BRIC), has been at the core of police efforts to surveil and suppress social movements for over a decade.

We’ve been calling them out on their abusive and un-Constitutional practices for years now and it is with great pleasure that, today at 5pm, our friends at Restore the 4th – Boston will host a live streamed discussion on fusion centers, with Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, law student Dani Hargus, and journalist Emma Best, moderated by local friend Alex Marthews, Restore the 4th National Chair.

The event is free to attend, but they would love a $10 donation if you are able. Donate here.

We hope to get a chance to view the discussion. See you in the comments!

Alex has been in our past videos including the State of Surveillance discussion at our 2017 Party Conference and his Annoying Legislators For Freedom talk.

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