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Pirate Suggestions on the Ballot Questions

We held a poll of our members about their thoughts on the ballot questions for Tuesday’s election. The results are:

  • Question 1: Yes
  • Question 2: Yes
  • Question 3: No/None of the Above
  • Question 4: Yes

We discussed the results of the survey on yesterday’s Pirate News. Informally we also discussed the constitutional office elections. If you can vote third party, please consider doing so.

Some ballots include non-binding positions for local State Rep/Senate. Two we have seen are:

  • Replacing our current for-profit medical insurance with a single-payer system;
  • Making all votes by legislators public.

We believe in government transparency and making the votes of legislators public is part of that.

Our position is that health care is a human right and everyone should have access to it. Single payer is one tool in that process.

You can listen to our thoughts on the 2022 election as well as the recent layoffs at Meta and Twitter at yesterday’s Pirate News.

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