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Join us at the Trans Resistance March this Saturday

Reactionaries continue to expand their attack on trans rights. They have gone after the right of teens to control their bodies and aim to end the right of body autonomy for adults as well. They repeat the age old lie that trans and LGBTQ+ members are child molesters. Some conservatives openly call for putting the LGBTQ+ community and supporters in concentration camps or worse.

On Saturday, June 3rd, we will proudly join the 2023 Trans Resistance March and Festival. Now is the time to support our trans Pirates, friends and family so they know we stand with them.

We want you to march with us!

Will have flyers to hand out telling people how to protect their privacy.

Join us at the Stony Brook MBTA stop at 100 Boylston Street, Boston, 02130. The march is a mile long and will end at the Franklin Park Playstead. Please gather there by 11am.

Talk to you then!

PS – We have a Facebook event we would like you to share.

Image Credit: James O’Keefe CC-BY-SA/4.0

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