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Four Good Bills and One Bad Bill

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Location Shield Act (H.357 / S.148) week of action. NBC Boston, Telemundo (en Español) and the Transcript & Journal (no linked article) reported on the bill. Attorney General Andrea Campbell publicly announced her support for banning the sale of cellphone location data.

Wednesday, February 7, is Joint Rule 10 day in Massachusetts, the date by which committee chairs are supposed to report out the legislation assigned to them. In the Massachusetts legislature, whether a bill passes or fails is decided by legislative leadership and if it cannot get out of committee, as most bills don’t, it fails. It is up to the chairs of the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. We have until Tuesday to call or email them urging them to vote it out of committee. You can reach them at:

Four other bills are before the legislature that are of interest to us.

In the Public Safety committee are the fusion center oversight bill (H.3637) and the police military equipment bill (H.2348). Both bills we support. You can reach out to the committee chairs at:

In the Advanced Information Technology, the Internet and Cybersecurity Committee is the Massachusetts Digital Privacy Protection Act (H.83 / S.25), which is a bill we really need to pass. You can reach out to the committee chairs at:

Finally, we recently learned that Senator Nick Collins, who is Senate chair of the State Administration and Regulatory Oversight committee, put forward a bill that would prohibit municipalities from voting whether to accept public safety grants. This bill would prevent Boston and other municipalities from choosing to not accept BRIC funding. Funding that is used to spy on us. It is yet another attempt to concentrate power in the legislature.

Contacting Collins is probably a lost cause, but please contact the other chairs, especially House Chair Cabral and Vice Chair Tyler:

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